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That Hopey Changey ThingIt’s 7 pm on the eve of Obama’s first midterm election, and Barbara’s hosting dinner for the family at her Rhinebeck, NY home. Over the course of a meal, the Apples delve into lost family history, the social meaning of manners, and the fragile state of the American body politic.

Sweet and SadOne year later, Barbara hosts a lunch on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Uncle Benjamin is going downhill, Marian has moved in, and Richard—who was working in the Trade Center a decade before—tries to treat the day like any other.

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Buoyant and moving plays…in a quiet way, thrilling.

The Washington Post

Directed with great sensitivity by Serge Seiden…The cast is a murderer’s row of DC’s most celebrated actors…

City Paper


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The Artists


Production Team

Richard Nelson
PlaywrightRichard Nelson
Serge Seiden
DirectorSerge Seiden
Debra Booth
Set DesignerDebra Booth
Daniel MacLean Wagner
Lighting DesignerDaniel MacLean Wagner
Helen Huang
Costume DesignerHelen Huang
Erik Trester
Composer and Sound DesignerErik Trester
John Keith Hall
Production Stage ManagerJohn Keith Hall
Elizabeth Dinkova
Assistant DirectorElizabeth Dinkova