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Aaron Posner has crafted his latest re-imagined Chekhov to radically intersect with its Russian progenitor. While Three Sisters plays out in one theatre, half the cast is also performing upstairs in another: Same building, different theatre... No Sisters!  While Olga, Masha, and Irina yearn for Moscow, the rest of the household and its hangers-on grapple with their own heartache and longing, bit players in a world whose focus is elsewhere. No Sisters explores the screwed up, endlessly fascinating psyches of Chekhov’s lovelorn, world-weary misfits and broken dreamers in a wildly funny play about wildly unhappy people. Commissioned as a part of Studio R&D, Studio Theatre’s new works initiative.


Aaron Posner is painting the town red with Anton Chekhov again.

The Washington Post (on Life Sucks)


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The Artists


Ryan Rilette
Andréy PrózorovRyan Rilette
Ro Boddie
Baron TúzenbachRo Boddie

Production Team

Aaron Posner
Playwright / DirectorAaron Posner
New Neighborhood
Co-ProducerNew Neighborhood
Daniel Conway
Set DesignerDaniel Conway
Jesse Belsky
Lighting DesignerJesse Belsky
Jessica Ford
Costume DesignerJessica Ford
Christopher Baine
Sound DesignerChristopher Baine
James Barry
ComposerJames Barry
Becky Reed
Production Stage ManagerBecky Reed
Mira Taichman
Assistant DirectorMira Taichman