A brand-new story told entirely through the peripheries and pivot points of an as-yet undetermined number of debates, wrangles, quarrels, arguments, discussions, tiffs, altercations, contretemps, and squabbles.

Daniel Kitson, a well-regarded but bald-headed forty-year-old writer and performer from a small village in the north of England, visits Washington DC for the very first time with the world premiere of a brand new show written in this particular time, for this particular place, and likely to be both funny and thoughtful, absurd and serious, rich with humanity and riddled with frustration.


One of the brighter stars in the theater firmament…not to be missed.

New York Magazine

Monologist extraordinaire—unconditionally engaged and engaging

The New York Times


Daniel Kitson in DCDaniel Kitson in DC

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Daniel Kitson
Writer / PerformerDaniel Kitson