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Anne and Rob struggled through their artistic 20s, inherited wealth in their 30s, and are spending their affluent late-40s in a life of parties and philanthropy and ideas. Irresistible, paradigm-shaping ideas. So when they meet a mysterious young couple promising a grand theory that will explain all the world’s problems, Anne and Rob don’t ask many questions—they just want to continue the conversation, all the way to the cliffs of the Colorado mountains. This Studio commission is a fast-paced and darkly comedic thriller about the poisonous appeal of believing that the best ideas win, and that winners know best. 


Mr. Koogler observes the nuances of unequal relationship[s] with delicacy… never strikes a false or strained note.

The New York Times (about Kill Floor)

The Artists

Production Team

Les Waters
DirectorLes Waters
Abe Koogler
PlaywrightAbe Koogler