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Clearday is a cosmetics company on the rise: Based in Singapore, launching a global skincare line, and bringing a start-up mentality to the big leagues. But a draft ad for their latest skin whitening cream surfaces on YouTube, gathering views and outrage. As morning nears in the U.S. market—19,643 views. 467,327. 654,398.—Clearday’s all-female team hustles to contain the damage before Buzzfeed weighs in. Someone’s definitely getting fired. A comedy from rising Thai-Australian writer Anchuli Felicia King about toxic corporate culture, selling whiteness, and shame as both a cultural commodity and canny marketing strategy.  


White Pearl is a little gem... a bracingly funny corporate satire.

The Guardian

A machine gun of a play... it has a boldness, ambition and acerbic humour on a scale that makes you sit up and pay attention.

Time Out

A scathing, gleefully nasty corporate satire.

The Stage

The play has a brightness of dialogue and clarity of humour.

The Arts Desk

Almost every line whip-cracks through the air and leaves a welt.

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The Artists


Jody Doo
Sunny LeeJody Doo
Resa Mishina
Ruki MinamiResa Mishina
Diana Huey
Built SuttikulDiana Huey
Narea Kang
Soo-Jin ParkNarea Kang
Jenna Zhu
Xiao ChenJenna Zhu
Zachary Fall
Marcel BenoitZachary Fall

Production Team

Helen Huang
Costume DesignerHelen Huang
Matt Carlin
Properties DesignerMatt Carlin
Wen-Ling Liao
Lighting DesignerWen-Ling Liao
Melanie Chen Cole
Sound DesignerMelanie Chen Cole
Rasean Davonte Johnson
Projections DesignerRasean Davonte Johnson
Madison Bahr
Production Stage ManagerMadison Bahr