People, Places & Things

11/09/22 - 12/11/22


Emma is an actress. She also has an addiction, and it’s trying to kill her. In rehab, but not ready for recovery, Emma just wants to escape—through drugs, through performing, through anything that lets her make her own reality. David Muse directs his first production in the new Victor Shargai Theatre, a theatrical tour-de-force that evokes the vivid and disorienting world of intoxication and lies as Emma decides whether to fight for her recovery and the people, places, and things she’ll face there.

People, Places & Things is generously underwritten by Joan and David Maxwell.


The Artists


Duncan Macmillan’s thrilling, devastating play leaves you scraping the insides of your soul.
The New York Times, Critics’ Pick
Macmillan once again mixes dark wit, intellectual ambition and emotional intelligence.
The Times
The self-destructive spiral of abuse has fuelled infinite plays and films, yet People, Places and Things is distinguished by its central question about what any of us chooses to find real, and how that choice either benefits or destroys those around us.
Time Out
The writing is exquisitely painful. At times it feels like Macmillan has taken one of those little spoons, the ones with the serrated edge, for grapefruit, and scooped something out of you.
The Stage
A vibrant play that draws parallels between theatre and rehab…Macmillan also offers a critique of a society in which addiction is partly a response to the surrounding chaos, and where the generic uplift of marketing-speak pervades everything from politics to religion.
The Guardian

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