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 “I can tell the difference between who I am and a side effect.” 

Connie and Tristan can’t hide how they feel around each other: Hearts thumping, sleepless nights, a slightly ill excitement. They’ve fallen, and fallen hard. Unless their infatuation is a side-effect of the new antidepressant they’re in a clinical trial for. As the trial’s supervising doctors untangle the ethical implications of this illicit relationship—and Big Pharma’s investment in medicating sanity—Connie and Tristan engage body and mind with the mysteries and chemistry of love.


Muse, Studio’s artistic director, applies his accustomed intelligence to another Studio-worthy project here. He elicits the best from his actors, most notably from Silver and Kleiger, who have personality to spare. They persuasively offer up fallible people, endearing and flawed and yes, in each other’s company possessing that magic ingredient: chemistry.

The Washington Post

The Effect is a profoundly moving and surprisingly funny must-see, brought to life by some truly electrifying talent and unforgettable visuals.

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The Artists


Gina Daniels
Dr. Lorna JamesGina Daniels
Eric Hissom
Dr. Toby SealeyEric Hissom
Katie Kleiger
Connie HallKatie Kleiger
Rafi Silver
Tristan FreyRafi Silver

Production Team

Lucy Prebble
PlaywrightLucy Prebble
David Muse
DirectorDavid Muse
Luciana Stecconi
Scenic DesignerLuciana Stecconi
Jesse Belsky
Lighting DesignerJesse Belsky
Heather C. Jackson
Costume DesignerHeather C. Jackson
Ryan Rumery
Sound DesignerRyan Rumery
Alex Basco Koch
Projections DesignerAlex Basco Koch
Robb Hunter
Fight ChoreographerRobb Hunter
Becky Reed
Production Stage ManagerBecky Reed
Corinne Williams
Assistant Stage ManagerCorinne Williams
Linda Lombardi
Assistant DirectorLinda Lombardi