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When Eric falls for the handsome Wilson on the subway, he doesn’t know what he’s in for. Because Wilson is also Nina, a rising drag star in The House of Light, and when a competing house calls a ball for midnight, Eric is drawn into battle. Part turf war, part pageant, all conquest, Wig Out! is a mesmerizing trip into the heart of African-American drag ball culture by way of Ovid, Jay-Z, and Destiny’s Child. From the acclaimed author of The Brother/Sister Trilogy and Choir Boy comes a dazzling spectacle about the timeless desires to be desired, find your home, and dominate anyone who throws you shade.


I can’t think of another recent play that deals as explicitly and compellingly with how erotic permutations define identity, in ways that both limit and liberate.

The New York Times


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Jaysen Wright
Eric, the RedJaysen Wright

Production Team

Kent Gash
DirectorKent Gash
Dell Howlett
ChoreographerDell Howlett
Jason Sherwood
Set DesignerJason Sherwood
Dawn Chiang
Lighting DesignerDawn Chiang
Frank Labovitz
Costume DesignerFrank Labovitz
David Lamont Wilson
Sound DesignerDavid Lamont Wilson
Shayna O'Neill
Production Stage ManagerShayna O'Neill
Marne Anderson
Assistant Stage ManagerMarne Anderson