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Five generations share the moments, both epic and intimate, that make a life. From the excitement and awkwardness of a first date to the grief of watching a parent fade, The Big Meal portrays the arc of a family’s experience from a single restaurant table at a chain restaurant. Called “one of the more emotionally consuming experiences of recent decades” (Chicago Sun Times), The Big Meal explodes from the mind of one of the country’s most intriguing playwrights.

2ndStage is Studio’s playground for emerging artists, offering innovative and thrillingly eclectic programming with shorter rehearsal periods and smaller budgets than our other productions, with a spirit of exuberance and experiment.


Expertly directed and beautifully performed.

City Paper

A sharply funny new drama. 



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The Artists


Annie Houston
Older WomanAnnie Houston

Production Team

John Burkland
Lighting DesignJohn Burkland
Elisheba Ittoop
Sound Design/Original MusicElisheba Ittoop
Adriana Diaz
Costume DesignAdriana Diaz
Brian Crane
Assistant DirectorBrian Crane