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A is a teacher attempting to rescue her former pupil from a back-street abortion. B is a young woman who falls from a construction crane and in love with a demon made of worms. C is a homicidal sociopath who sells his soul to the Devil for an angelic voice heard only by his victims. A grotesque and brutal feast of language, Terminus is a supernatural vision from Irish playwright Mark O’Rowe (Crestfall). Dark, unrelenting, and gorgeously wrought, O’Rowe’s dizzying language illuminates the quietest fears and most intimate desires of its three characters in interlocking monologues.

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This intense intermissionless piece, directed by Tom Story, unleashes a flood of gritty, poetic language quickened by a sneaky riptide of narrative.

The Washington Post

A shockingly lyric linguistic extravaganza

Maryland Theatre Guide

Director Tom Story has masterminded this verbal venture into the mindscape with extraordinary precision and passion

DC Metro Theater Arts

All three of the actors handle the challenges of the text with a wonderfully textured emotional presentation

DC Metro Theater Arts

The Artists


Production Team

Mark O'Rowe
PlaywrightMark O'Rowe
Tom Story
DirectorTom Story
Deb Thomas
Set DesignerDeb Thomas
Brandee Mathies
Costume DesignerBrandee Mathies
Adrian Rooney
Lighting and Sound DesignerAdrian Rooney
Kara Sparling
Stage ManagerKara Sparling