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Celebrate Studio 2ndStage’s 25th anniversary with this original horror comedy musical! Two naïve lovers, Brad and Janet, seek shelter from a thunderstorm in an old castle and find themselves thrust into the laboratory of pansexual, cross-dressing mad scientist Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter and his cadre of madcap minions. Stripped of their inhibitions—and their clothes—Brad and Janet embark on a wild, unforgettable odyssey of carnal pleasures and self-discovery. Reality, fiction, and camp collide in this mashup of comics, rock and roll, and late-night horror flicks. 

2ndStage is Studio’s playground for emerging artists, offering innovative and thrillingly eclectic programming with shorter rehearsal periods and smaller budgets than our other productions, with a spirit of exuberance and experiment.


An amazing feat of physical, sexual, and musical prowess. This is one show you won’t want to miss this summer! 

Brightest Young Things

Crackles with energy and invention, joy and savagery.

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The Artists


Mitchell Jarvis
Frank N. FurterMitchell Jarvis
Sarah Marshall
The Narrator/Dr. ScottSarah Marshall
Riff Raff
Sherry Berg
TransylvanianSherry Berg
Aaren Keith
TransylvanianAaren Keith
Ashleigh King
TransylvanianAshleigh King
David Landstrom
TransylvanianDavid Landstrom
David Little
TransylvanianDavid Little
Victor Maldonado
TransylvanianVictor Maldonado
Nora Palka
TransylvanianNora Palka
Chris Rudy
TransylvanianChris Rudy
Matthew Wojtal
TransylvanianMatthew Wojtal
Jaysen Wright
TransylvanianJaysen Wright

Production Team

Book, Music, and LyricsRichard O'Brien
Keith Alan Baker
Co-DirectorKeith Alan Baker
Alan Paul
Co-DirectorAlan Paul
Justin Thomas
Lighting DesignJustin Thomas
Erik Trester
Projections and Video DesignErik Trester
Collin Ranney
Costume DesignCollin Ranney
Jeffrey Dorfman
Sound DesignJeffrey Dorfman
Eric Arnold
Stage ManagerEric Arnold