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It’s 1958 in the Soho district of London and rock ‘n’ roll is on the rise. Silver Johnny is an up-and-coming teen idol whose manager, Ezra, is trying to protect him from the advances of a local gangster. Unfortunately, Ezra has just been found sawn in half in two separate garbage cans. Set in the amphetamine-fueled, gangster-operated underbelly of the nascent London rock scene, Mojo follows a motley crew of wannabe bigshots angling for money and power while yearning for connection.

2ndStage is Studio’s playground for emerging artists, offering innovative and thrillingly eclectic programming with shorter rehearsal periods and smaller budgets than our other productions, with a spirit of exuberance and experiment.


Magic. It’s mayhem of a high order.

The Washington Post

Morbidly funny. Captivating performances. An unequivocal rave.

City Paper

Masterful performances. Mojo is theater distilled: edgy, compelling, and powerful.



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Joe Isenberg
Fight/Dance ChoreographyJoe Isenberg