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Life is not tragic. Life is ridiculous, and that cannot be borne. —Henrik Ibsen

Hedda Tesman returns from her honeymoon to the brutal banality of domestic life: an antagonizingly bland husband; a living room full of dying flowers; and a house that is too large, too cluttered, too bourgeois for the once unstoppable Hedda Gabler. Both tormented and merciless, she is caught between her appetite for sensation and acute awareness of  public perception. Mark O’Rowe’s stunning contemporary adaptation is a mesmerizing study of power, control, and self-deception and a nuanced portrait of one of the most fascinating figures in modern drama.


As potent and seductive as ever.

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The Artists


Julia Coffey
Hedda TesmanJulia Coffey
Avery Clark
Jorge TesmanAvery Clark
Kimberly Schraf
Julle TesmanKimberly Schraf
Michael Early
Judge BrackMichael Early
Kimiye Corwin
Thea RysingKimiye Corwin
Shane Kenyon
Eljert LovborgShane Kenyon

Production Team

Henrik Ibsen
PlaywrightHenrik Ibsen
Mark O'Rowe
AdaptationMark O'Rowe
Matt Torney
DirectorMatt Torney
Luciana Stecconi
Set DesignerLuciana Stecconi
Murell Horton
Costume DesignerMurell Horton
Scott Zielinski
Lighting DesignerScott Zielinski
Fitz Patton
Sound DesignerFitz Patton
Anthony O. Bullock
Stage ManagerAnthony O. Bullock