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In the cramped kitchen of an Asian restaurant, four cooks pull the tooth of a young Chinese co-worker. His tooth ends up in the Thai soup of a flight attendant—who overhears the fight of a young couple who live above the restaurant, whose fighting disturbs the shopkeeper of the dry goods store next door to the restaurant, who is more connected to the young Chinese man than anyone suspects.

A kaleidoscopic look at a globalized world, this play by one of Germany’s most innovative and adventurous writers unfolds in brief and fierce comic scenes. Five actors cross age, race, and gender to play fifteen characters in this vicious, poetic, and surprisingly moving investigation of how intertwined our lives really are. 

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The Artists


KK Moggie
Young WomanKK Moggie
Chris Myers
Young ManChris Myers

Production Team

John Keith Hall
Production Stage ManagerJohn Keith Hall
Jamila Reddy
Assistant DirectorJamila Reddy