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Trust no one.  Suspect even your own shadow.  Welcome to the infamous Bayou Mansions, a sprawling, stinking tenement block where curtain-twitchers and peeping toms live side by side.  When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive to save the lost souls, is it a sign for hope? Or has the real horror only just begun?

With live music, witty performances, and stunning interaction between animation and live actors, The Animals and Children Take to the Streets is a charming, ghoulish, and otherworldly little show from acclaimed London company 1927—a graphic novel burst into life.

Studio Special Events bring unique performances and one-of-a-kind events from around the world to DC. 


Astonishing…part Monty Python, part Tim Burton, part Fritz Lang, and all astringently funny.

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Avail yourself, please, of the opportunity to enter the parallel universe of 1927.

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Production Team

Paul Barritt
Film, Animation, and Design Paul Barritt
Jo Crowley
ProducerJo Crowley
Derek Andrade
Production Stage ManagerDerek Andrade