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Studio supports new writing from inception to first production. We commission new work from both writers and directors, give artists time and resources to develop their work, and host them in residence during the rehearsal process. Through the Studio R&D: Work in Process, we’re opening up the creative process a little early to another critical component of artmaking—the audience.

Work in Process introduces our audiences to some of the country’s most talented playwrights through rehearsed readings and facilitated conversation about their work. The series features plays we want to nurture, by artists we believe in.

Work in Process is part of Studio R&D, Studio’s incubator for new plays that encompasses the full range of our commissioning and new work development activities.

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The Gradient by Steph Del Rosso 
Directed by Danya Taymor 
Monday, November 11, 2019 
Milton Theatre 

Tess just landed her dream job at sleek tech start-up The Gradient: a center where men accused of sexual misconduct are sent to be rehabilitated. The clients go in with a lifetime of toxic male conditioning and emerge as new people, sensitized and redeemed. It sounds too good to be true, and maybe it is. The Gradient asks what it means to say “I’m sorry” and whether it’s possible for people to truly change. 


Scenes from Good Bones by James Ijames 
Thursday, January 23, 2020 
Milton Theatre 

Aisha’s moved back to the block, but the neighborhood’s changed. Boomeranging across the country with her husband, she’s renovating their new house in a post-industrial city on the rise. But the neighborhood’s still loud at night and Aisha’s homecoming is more complex than she expected, so when their contractor is caught up in an act of violence a block away, Aisha finds herself in the crosswinds of legacy and responsibility, haunting and belonging. 

This event will include scenes from Good Bones and a conversation with James Ijames about changing neighborhoods, the sounds of a city, and what makes a home. 

Registration will open closer to the event. Please check back. 

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