Okinawa Demo Reel

Okinawa Demo Reel is an episodic video project from playwright/director and Georgetown University professor Natsu Onoda Power that let's viewers into a rehearsal room of ideas that are being tested out for a play about imperialism, colonialism, militarization and connecting across differences. Through the video project, Natsu invites viewers along for the evolution of this emerging theatre piece, tests out ideas she plans to integrate into the final product, and refines her devised Zoom-based development process with dramaturg Soyica Colbert.

The project is part documentary, part theatre, a voyeuristic look into a playwright's creative process, and "something else entirely," Natsu explains.

Okinawa Demo Reel is part of our new work incubator series, Studio R&D: Works in Process. For more information on the project, read Howlround's interview with Natsu and Soyica.

Taco Rice

A combination cooking tutorial and history lesson, Taco Rice establishes the connection between the United States and Okinawa.

A Protest in Three Acts

A livestream recording, this track documents protestors in Okinawa interrupting the militarization of the island. The sit-in unfolds as a drama in three acts.


Protest Chess

Protest Chess is mash-up of live footage from Okinawa, Japan and a handcrafted game. As with most protests, the event unfolds following pre-established rules of engagement. And, similar to many games, the house always wins.