Psalm's Salons at Studio

Psalm's Salons at Studio are a gathering space to highlight the work of Black creatives, signal boost local and Black-owned businesses, kick back to live music, and promote a sense of community. Created in collaboration with Studio Artist-in-Residence and emcee Psalmayene 24, the salons feature rotating panelists from the DC theatre community and beyond who discuss the cultural sector in our region, topical issues in the news cycle, play rapid-fire games, and enjoy food from local Black-owned restaurant partners.

The first seven Psalm's Salons, hosted in summer and fall 2020, were livestreamed monthly on Studio's Facebook and YouTube channels; you can view our archive of past events below.

The 2020-2021 Season of Psalm's Salons were sponsored by Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's Building Demand for the Arts program.

Past In-person Events

Headshots of Psalmayene 24, Tony Thomas, David Muse, and Bob Kearney

Psalm's Salons - December 2022

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Eskimo
Guests: Tony Thomas, David Muse, Bob Kearney

On December 3, Psalm welcomed choreographer Tony Thomas, director David Muse, and behavioral health specialist Bob Kearney to the Salon. They talked about People, Places & Things, the searing story of addiction and recovery playing on Studio’s Victor Shargai Stage. The salon also featured music by DJ Eskimo, as well as pies (both sweet and savory) from J.B. Humble Pies, a local Black-owned business, and an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks.

Psalms Salon participants Psalmayene 24, Steve H. Broadnax III, and DJ Stylus

Psalm's Salons - July 2022

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Stylus
Guest: Steve H. Broadnax III

On July 1, 2022, Studio was able to realize Psalmayene 24's original vision of live, in-person Psalm's Salons. Talking with The Hot Wing King director Steve H. Broadnax III, the Salon was set to a musical soundtrack provided by DJ Stylus and included a sampling of wings provided by Wingos, a local DC favorite.

Past Live Streams

Psalm's Salons - December 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guest: Kamilah Forbes

December's guest is Kamilah Forbes, a dedicated steward of Black stories and pioneer of hip hop theatre. She and Psalm will talk her roots in DC as a proud graduate of Howard University, how creatives of color have fueled the city's cultural landscape, and her boundary-breaking career and latest projects.

Psalm's Salons - November 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guests: Wendy C. Goldberg, Idris Goodwin, Brian Quijada, Anela Malik

Psalm will be joined by theatre leaders Wendy C. Goldberg, Idris Goodwin, and Brian Quijada to reflect on expanding inclusivity in American Theatre. The panel will discuss how their own unique cultural identities have been powerful influences in their personal and professional journeys and their hope and vision for the field. The salon will also welcome its first food writer Anela Malik of @feedthemalik.

Listen to the November 2020 playlist.

Psalm's Salons - October 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guests: Mildred Ruiz Sapp and Steven Sapp

Founders of UNIVERSES, Mildred Ruiz-Sapp and Steven Sapp, join host Psalmayene 24 to share their journey leading a theatre company determined to revolutionize American Theatre and challenge what it means to be an American Citizen. UNIVERSES blends disciplinestheatre, poetry, dance, jazz, hip hop, politics—to create its own brand of theatre, bringing BIPOC stories and electrifying conversations to the stage.

Listen to the October 2020 playlist.

Psalm's Salons - September 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guests: Will Power, Danny Hoch, Jonzi D

Psalm's Salons welcomes it first out-of-town guests, hip-hop theatre forefathers Will Power, Danny Hoch, and Jonzi D. The panel joins host Psalmayene 24 to discuss the evolution and public embrace of their artform, its power in this moment, the "Hamilton effect," and their experience innovating within theatre.

Listen to the September 2020 playlist.

Psalm's Salons - August 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guests: Natalie Graves Tucker, Farah Lawal Harris, and Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi

Panelists discuss forging careers in the regional theatre scene as women of color, opportunities for trans and non-binary people in theatre, and the power of Black women in this political moment, as we approach the 57th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Listen to the August 2020 playlist.

Psalm's Salons - July 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guests: Justin Weaks, Galvanize DC founders J.J. Johnson and Jefferson A. Russell, and Jjana Valentiner, executive producer of the Making Space to Breathe/Gathering to Grieve vigil

Panelists discuss being Black theatre artists amidst a global push for racial equality, being artists of color working in DC and how the city’s theatre landscape is changing, as well as tactics for being an effective ally.

Listen to the July 2020 playlist.

Psalm's Salons - June 2020

Emcee: Psalmayene 24
Music: DJ Nick Tha 1da
Guest: James Ijames

The first guest on Psalm's Salons is playwright James Ijames. Host Psalmayene 24 guides a conversation about being Black theatre artists, their careers, artistic inspirations, and the role of theatre during this moment of racial unrest.

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