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It’s the night before Josh and Brennan’s picture-perfect Palm Springs wedding, and their old friend Gerry arrives car-cranky and a few beers in, furious that the invitation demands that he “refrain from wearing bright colors or bold patterns.” Gerry stews poolside with his ex and the ex’s twentysomething boyfriend in this hyper-verbal and tragicomic one-man show that asks some essential questions about contemporary gay life: Why do people settle for assimilation instead of liberation? Where’s khaki in the rainbow? Is there any cocaine left?


Fantastic! Sharp, clever, funny, witty.


Uproarious, bittersweet exploration of the gay soul, embody[ing] the jitters of aging gay men trying to hold on to a colorful identity in an increasingly beige world.

The New Yorker

Devastatingly funny.

The New York Times

A sharply observed and lovingly brutal portrait…of an outrageous and increasingly intoxicated gay man.

Time Out (New York)

A much funnier (and gayer) version of a NASCAR race: it begins with an immediate flooring of the gas pedal, it wheels by fueled by joke after joke, there is a heart-catching near-accident in the form of poignant character development, and then a checkered flag of a finale that makes you jump to your feet and cheer for the ‘winner.'

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A short interview with writer and directorA short interview with writer and director

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Drew Droege
PlaywrightDrew Droege
Michael Urie
DirectorMichael Urie