Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

It’s the night before Josh and Brennan’s picture-perfect Palm Springs wedding, and their old friend Gerry arrives car-cranky and a few beers in, furious that the invitation demands that he “refrain from wearing bright colors or bold patterns.” Gerry stews poolside with his ex and the ex’s twentysomething boyfriend in this hyper-verbal and tragicomic one-man show that asks some essential questions about contemporary gay life: Why do people settle for assimilation instead of liberation? Where’s khaki in the rainbow? Is there any cocaine left?

“Drew Droege on Bright Colors and Bold Patterns” HuffPost

Playwright Drew Droege talks about the story of Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, what audiences can expect, and marriage equality.

“Michael Urie and Drew Droege on ‘coke-fueled wedding parties in Palm Springs’" Queerty

“I wanted to write my dream role, who I don’t see represented in a lot of gay media. The big, loud, drunk mess. The slob who’s making mistakes and doing the best he can. The queen that we all love but we’re afraid of being. ”

The writer and director discuss how they met, the inspiration behind the play, and representations of gay men on stage. 

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A short video interview with the writer and director.