"The Curriculum Includes challenging acting classes with energetic adjunct classes to improve your body and voice." -Conservatory Alumna Emily Morrison


The three-year curriculum includes a year of Realism, a year of Classical training, and a year of Comedy and advanced scene study. Specific Movement and Voice classes accompany each core acting class.


Year 1: Realism

core acting classes

ACTOR’S PROCESS | Beginning class

Instructors: Bannon, Garner, Yglesias Silver
Develop and sharpen self-awareness, observation, creative imagination, improvisational skills, and the articulate use of the body and voice. Build and heighten responsiveness to action. Work on a monologue.
No prerequisite: Call for placement

Principles of Realism | Beginning class

Instructors: Arthur, Burke Pitt, Debelack, Nichols, Paris, Wells
Develop a process using stimulus-response, motivation, characterization, interplay, text, and subtext. Includes pantomimes, improvisation, and scene work on a character from a realistic play. Pair with Movement 1.
No prerequisite: Call for placement


Instructors: Arthur, Paris, Seiden
Further develop skills in characterization, realistic playing, and emotional connection. Pair with Voice 1.
Prerequisite: Recommendation of the faculty after successful completion of Principles of Realism.


Pair With Core Acting Class

Movement 1

Instructors: Riley, Yglesias Silver
Identify, relax, and warm up parts of the body that hold tension. Develop free movement and expressiveness. Work on posture, gesture, walking, and expanding physical potential. Pair with Principles of Realism.
No prerequisite

Voice 1

Instructors: Campion, Diggs
Provides basic techniques for vocal preparation and performance. Develop projection, vocal quality, range, energy, and expressiveness through relaxation exercises and basic physical work. Pair with Character and Emotion.
No prerequisite



Standard Stage Speech

Instructor: Campion
Provides tools and strategies for speakers with regional dialects or foreign accents. Learn basic and advanced tools for accent modification and dialect acquisition including articulation warm-ups, speech anatomy, and the International Phoentic Alphabet. Apply to text using the General American Dialect.
No prerequisite

Improvisation for the Actor

Instructors: Garner, Yglesias Silver
Encourage response to stimuli with honesty, spontaneity, and creativity. Focus on sustained and relaxed awareness, resulting in more dynamic play and interactions.
No prerequisite

YEAR 2: classics



Instructors: Burke Pitt, Seiden, Zinoman
Learn classical acting techniques, focusing on vocal and physical clarity, textual interpretation, vocal-emotional connections, diction, the use of imagery and tone color, utilizing soliloquies and scene study. Pair with Classical Voice and Movement.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Character and Emotion


Instructor: Debelack, Zinoman
Explore choruses, monologues, and scenes from the work of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. Emphasis is on oral interpretation and physical control to deepen emotional connection while working in an ensemble.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Shakespeare 1




Team taught by Diggs and Yglesias Silver
Vocal production and movement improvisation designed to expand vocal and physical potential. Develop clarity in classical material with projection, range, and energy as focal points. Pair with Shakespeare 1.
Prerequisites: Voice 1 and Movement 1




Instructor: Bradley
Identify and replace unwanted habits with greater body awareness, poise, and ease of movement. Explore the Alexander Technique to allow for more variety in movement and expression.
No prerequisite


Instructor: Diggs
Intensive study of the vocal instrument for those who have already acquired basic vocal skills. Stimulates emotional, physical, and vocal range in order to creatively illuminate the text. Modern and classical monologues are explored.
Prerequisites: Voice 1 or permission of the instructor


Instructor: Hamlin
Basics of singing with an emphasis on freeing the body, expanding the breath capacity and creating sound, learning to sing on pitch, exploring and understanding lyrics, rhythm, and emotion of a song, and singing with a piano.
No prerequisite

YEAR 3: styles



Instructor: Paris
An advanced class in comedic technique and style. Scene work in four periods: Commedia dell’arte to Shakespeare, Restoration, Comedy of Wit and Manners, and Modern Comedy.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Shakespeare 1 and Greek Tragedy

Shaw, Ibsen, chekhov

Instructor: Zinoman
An advanced scene study workshop, focusing on multi-dimensional characters.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Shakespeare 1 and Comedy, or permission of instructor

Shakespeare 2

Instructor: Zinoman
An advanced course which deepens the actor’s experience in classical style, includes rigorous work in the preparation of monologues and scenes. Special emphasis is on the interpretation of text and vocal intensity.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Shakespeare 1 and Comedy, or permission of instructor

beckett, pinter, albee, mamet

Instructor: Zinoman
An advanced scene study class exploring the styles of the modernist masters.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor


Instructor: Zinoman
For actors, playwrights, directors, and filmmakers. Focus on script analysis and preparation, blocking and movement, business, uses of improvisation and working with actors, rhythm and tempo, theatrical organization, and integration of all aspects of technical theatre. Format consists of lecture and scene presentation.

*TO APPLY: Please submit your resume and a letter of intent focusing on your experience, training, goals for taking this class, and your ability to take a day or night class. All documents should be emailed to conservatory@studiotheatre.org. Applications for the current semester closed on August 1st.  



Instructor: Campion
Introduces actors to the fundamentals of mastering any accent or dialect. Build listening and imitation skills in the acquisition of up to four dialects for the stage. Utilizes articulation warm-ups, online dialect resources, and basic phonetics to perform authentically and intelligibly in dialect. For beginners and advanced students.
No prerequisite




Instructor: Debelack, Seiden 
Preparing to audition. Modern and classical pieces in comic and serious modes, building a repertoire of audition material with attention to individual selection and professional presentation. Develop cold-reading skills, receive help with headshots and resumes, and gain working knowledge of the business of acting.
No prerequisite


Instructor: Hamlin
Enhance your ability to create unique song interpretations, find your character's arc throughout a song, and explore realistic performance techniques to create bold and vibrant characters. Students will find their singing voice, reduce singing anxiety, and combine singing and acting skills to choose and prepare repertory. For singers with some experience.
No prerequisite


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