Studio Infinitum

One way of making a generous gift to Studio is through a lifetime gift of assets or in your bequest planning. Through Studio Infinitum, our planned giving program, you can help ensure the Theatre’s future as the most financially sound and best contemporary theatre in Washington, DC. The options available to you will allow you to support our artistic mission and at the same time provide tax and financial benefits to you and your loved ones.

In recognition of their visionary support, Studio Theatre is pleased to offer tailored benefits to members of Studio Infinitum. Below are the planned giving options that you might consider. Studio encourages you to speak to your financial advisor or attorney for advice on which approach is best for you.

Donor Testimonial, Susan L. Gordon, Board Member since 2005:

“Studio Theatre has been my theatre of choice for many years because it continually expands my horizons by producing pieces exploring important, contemporary social issues, which I often continue to contemplate well after the curtain call. I would like to give back to Studio in a meaningful way, so others can continue to have the same positive experiences as I have been able to enjoy. I was eager to sign up for the Studio Infinitum program, as planned giving is a terrific way for me to donate to Studio to a much greater degree than I am able to do through annual gifts.  Through Studio Infinitum, my estate will be able to make a significant donation to Studio after my family and others have been provided for. For me, that is the beauty of planned giving programs.”


A gift through your will for a specific amount of money or a percentage of your estate. This can be done through a new will or a codicil to your existing will.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust, or CRT, can be funded with assets such as cash, stock, or real estate. The CRT then pays you, or others you name, a specific dollar amount or a percentage of trust assets for a number of years or for life. After payments are complete to you or your designated recipient, remaining assets would come to Studio.

Charitable Lead Trust

A Charitable Lead Trust, or CLT, can be funded with assets such as cash, stock, or real estate. The Trust would give Studio a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the trust assets of a specified number of years. At the end of the payments, the remainder would go to the designated recipient.

Other Options

Studio is also interested in accepting funds as a designated recipient of life insurance policies, retirement or pension plans, or gifts of real estate and would be happy to discuss the benefits of such gifts with you.

For more information about planned gifts and Studio Infinitum, contact

Bianca Beckham, Director of Development