Donor Spotlight

“It’s an amazing, artistic organization that breathes life and flavor into the community. Take the time to talk with the leadership and board members and we’re sure you’ll be convinced that Studio Theatre is committed to this city and its residents and deserves your support.”

—The Mandy and David Team,
Compass Real Estate


Trudy H. Clark“Studio really cherishes their supporters. They draw you into their theatre family, with a range of special events and behind the scenes glimpses. It’s an honor to help them with their vision!”

—Trudy H. Clark



Institutional Supporters

Bank of Georgetown
BB&T Bank
Beech Street Foundation
The Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts
DC Commission On the Arts and Humanities
Dimick Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
The George Preston Marshall Foundation
Graham Holdings Company
Hattie M. Strong Foundation
IBM Corporation
IBM Matching Grants Program
The Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
The JBG Companies
Lorraine S. Dreyfuss Theatre Education Fund
The Mandy & David Team, Compass Real Estate
Martha Washington Straus-Harry H. Straus Foundation
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
Milton and Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation
The Morningstar Foundation
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
National Capital Arts & Cultural Affairs Program and the US Commission of Fine Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
Rogers & Company PLLC
Share Fund
Sherman Fairchild Foundation
The Shubert Foundation
Tycko & Zavareei LLP
United Way of the National Capital Area
Weissberg Foundation
William S. Abell Foundation, Inc.

Individual Supporters

$75,000 and above
Andrew C. Mayer Charitable Trust
$50,000 - $74,999
David and Jean Heilman Grier
Albert Lauber and Craig Hoffman
Joan and David Maxwell
$30,000 - $49,999
Abramson Family Foundation
Susan L. and Dixon M. Butler
Dr. Mark Epstein and Amoretta Hoeber
Stanley and Rosemary Marcuss
Virginia A. McArthur and E.C. Michael Higgins
Gerald and Laura Rosberg
Steve and Linda Skalet
Bobbi and Ralph Terkowitz
$15,000 - $29,999
The Adler Family Fund
Don and Nancy Bliss
Bruce Cohen
Henry H. and Carol Brown Goldberg
Judy and Steve Hopkins
Rick Kasten
Helen and David Kenney
Ann K. Morales
Toni Ritzenberg
Daniel and Teresa Schwartz
Mr. Craig Pascal and Mr. Victor Shargai
Mark Tushnet and Elizabeth Alexander
$7,500 - $14,999
Trudy H. Clark
Thomas F. and Elizabeth D. Cullen
Sheryl and Rick Donaldson
Hope and Mark Foster
John Horman
Lynne and Joseph Horning
Carolyn and Warren Kaplan
The Lewis & Butler Foundation
Wendy Luke
Nancy and Herbert Milstein
Juan and Julissa Otero
Jon and NoraLee Sedmak
Jerry and Patti Sowalsky
Statistics Collaborative
George Wasserman Family Foundation
Marvin F. Weissberg
Alan and Irene Wurtzel
Judy and Leo Zickler
Nina Zolt and Miles Gilburne
$5,000 - $7,499
Anonymous (2)
Robert Batarla
Peter A. Bieger
Frederick and Theresa Boyle
Jon Danforth and Carol Arthur
Lois England
Wendy and William Garner
Jinny and Michael Goldstein
Susan L. Gordon
John and Meg Hauge
Jack Jetmund and Vince Keilman
Peter B. Kovler and Judy Lansing
A. Fenner Milton
Larry and Joan Naake
James Nozar and Adam Unger
Jonathan and Madeleine Pitt
Lutz Alexander Prager
Lola C. Reinsch
Sidney Stolz and David Hatfield
Stonesifer/Kinsley Family Fund
Robert Tracy and Martha Gross
Jonathan and Joan Tycko
$2,500 - $4,999
Dr. Stewart Aledort and Dr. Sheila Rogovin
Aron Family Foundation
Joe and Sue Bredekamp
Dr. Morris J. Chalick
Nancy Chasen and Don Spero
Miriam Cutler and Paul Salditt
Margery Doppelt and Larry Rothman
Mona and Mark Elliot
Betty and Wes Foster Family Foundation
Burton Gerber
Andrea Hatfield and Buck O'Leary
F. Lynn Holec
Mark and Carol Hyman Fund
Anthony and Karen Kamerick
Arlene and Martin Klepper
Dr. and Mrs. William Kramer
Stephen and Maria Lans
Susan Lee and Stephen A. Saltzburg
B. Thomas Mansbach
Karen and Daniel Mayers
Wallis McClain
Cyrus Mehri
Pamela and Byrne Murphy
Carl and Undine Nash
Steve and Ilene Rosenthal
Drs. Irene Roth and Vicken Poochikian
Joan Searby
Linda and Stanley Sher
David and Peggy Shiffrin
Patricia Smith
Gene Spencer
The Touma Foundation
Margot and Paul Zimmerman
$1,500 - $2,499
Marc Albert and Stephen Tschida
The Alford Foundation
Carl and Rise Cole
Lizbeth J. Dobbins
George M. Ferris
The Ferris Family Foundation
Nancy Deck and Michael Gross
William Logan Hopkins
Peter Kunstadter
Mark Lewellyn
Romana Li and Bruce Bartels
Steven Perez
Carol Rabenhorst
Anne & Henry S. Reich Family Foundation
Bishop Gene Robinson
Steven M. Rosenberg and Stewart C. Low III
Mary Ann Stein
Eric R. and Laura M. Wagner
Susan P. Willens
Bruce and Margareta Yarwood
$600 - $1,499
Cindy and Mark Aron
Bruce and Deborah Berman
Robin Berrington
Harriet and Bruce Blum
Robert and Lucy Bremner
Arlene Brown and Eugene Bialek
Vincent and Gwenda DeMoor Brown
Susan Buffone
Mr. Jim Carroll
John Chester and Betty Shepard
Luc and Caroline Everaert
Lois and Alan Fern
Robert and Carole Fontenrose
Amy C. Gilbert
Frona G. Hall
Kenneth G. Hance, Jr. and Kamer Davis
Kerry Hemond
George Higgins
Linda Lurie Hirsch
Daniel P. Kaplan and Kay L. Richman
Jeremy and Marnie Kaplan
Leslie Kogod
Stuart Kogod and Denise Garone
Patricia and John Koskinen
Barry Kropf
Carlyle Lash
Paul Massey and Josh O'Harra
Barbara and Al McConagha
Cathy and Scot McCulloch
Jeffrey Mendell and Eddie Adkins
Mary M. Miller and Dennis Farley
Louis and Sherry Nevins
Melanie and Larry Nussdorf
Peter S. Reichertz
Lynn Rothberg
Frank Sammartino and Ellen Starbird
Terry Savela
Linda B. Schakel
Evelyn and Scott Schreiber
The Honorable Carol Schwartz
Serge Seiden
Lauren Kogod and David Smiley
Ed and Andy Smith
Debra Sparkman
Virginia and Robert Stern
Charles and Cecile Toner
James Turner
Martha Taft and Fred Weiss
Paul Wolfson
Bernard and Ellen Young
$300 - $599
Dianne and Ernest Abruzzo
Judith Andrews Agard
Jo Allen
Jason and Nichole Bassingthwaite
Nan and Charles Beckley
Jim and Mary Bellor
Mary Bradshaw
Dick Rigby and Ann E. Breen
Joy Burchuk
Dr. David Butler-Sims
John and Linda Cogdill
Stephen D. and Linda Cohen
David Cooper
Timothy C. Coughlin
Helen Darling
Michael and Mary Durr
Tom and Donna Edgar
Peggy and David Elkind
Marc and Anne Feinberg
Lois Fingerhut
Paul Gamble
Elizabeth Goldenberg
Sally Williams Gresham
Chuck Griffith
John G. Guffey
Naomi and Jack Heller
Margaret Hennessey
Donald E. Hesse and Jerrilyn Andrews
Richard and Pamela Hinds
John and Barbara Jackson
Alice and David Joseph
Thomas Joseph
Paul and Masako Kaufman
Robert L. Kimmins
Peter and Sheryl Lincoln
Vinca and David LaFleur
Herb and Diane Lerner
Marion Ein Lewin
Janet Lewis
Dr. Richard Little
Sheila E. Manes
Captain Lory Manning
Ed Starr and Marilyn Marcosson
Winton E. Matthews
W. A. McGrath
Jane Molloy
Kent Morrison and D. Dale Clayton-Morrison
Kenneth Morrissette
Elizabeth and John Newhouse
Catherine O'Riordan
Sara Paulson
Stan Peabody
Michael Love Peace
Lewis R. Podolske and Donna M. Skibbe
Arnold and Diane Polinger
Ane Powers
Elaine Reuben
Markley Roberts
Richard Tucker Scully and Lee A Kimball
Marty and Carol Segal
Ann Sheffield
Jerry and Judy Shulman
Shefa and Aimee Gordon
Eleanor Spoor
Ms. Cecile Srodes
Cori E. Uccello
Kazuko Uchimura
Henry Otto and Judy Whalley
Elizabeth White
Jack and Sue Whitelaw
Jeffrey Wilder
Christopher and Beverly With
Annette and Colin Young
Julie and David Zalkind


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