Student Matinees

 Studio’s Student Matinee Program connects young people with contemporary theatre. Studio offers free or reduced-price tickets as well as a post-show conversation with the artists about creating the production. Studio also provides a student resource guide on the play, incorporating national and DC education standards, as well as a wraparound field trip experience that encourages students to engage critically with the practice of theatregoing.


Studio connects students with the artist’s process of creating the work on our stages. It incorporates national and DC education standards into our student resource guides and aims to provide a comprehensive experience for teachers and students, integrating the work on our stages with in-class learning.

The goals of the program are to:

Provide students with the experience of live, intimate, contemporary theatre.

Enrich students' experience and extend their learning by offering support materials and interactions.

Encourage students to make connections between the play's events and characters and their own lives and experiences.

Foster an understanding of and an appreciation for theatre as an art form.

Encourage students to develop a sense of agency and ownership in the practice of theatregoing.

The Student Matinee Package Includes

Teacher Tickets: Two tickets to a preview performance of the play, so teachers may become more familiar with the work before bringing their students.

Student Resource Guide: An electronic in-depth set of essays on each production and its themes. Resource guides: offer social, historical, and artistic context, as well as suggested classroom activities for students and teachers that foster connections between the curriculum and the performance.

The Performance: Free tickets to a special student matinee performance for DC Public and Charter Schools and discounted tickets for area private schools.

Post-Show Conversation: Following each matinee, a Studio staff member moderates a talk-back with the cast, allowing students to engage in discussion about the play, the production, and the actors’ processes.


Teachers of grades 9-12 in all content areas are welcome to join Studio Theatre for student matinees. For more information and to request details about the content of specific shows, contact