Public Programming

Studio produces plays that start conversations. Theater, done well, creates empathy. Watching an actor embody someone’s story on stage can kindle a connection that is ultimately more persuasive than reading about a situation, a crisis, or a cultural moment. Studio offers a range of pre and post-show opportunities to share your thoughts, work through how you connect to a production, or engage with experts offering real-world context to the work on our stages.

We offer a variety of ways for audiences to engage with the plays, process, and people behind the work on our stages.

Artists in Conversation

Our series of dialogues with Studio actors, directors, and playwrights. This includes our After-Show Discussion with the Cast events, following Saturday or Sunday matinees.

Plays in Context

Conversations with scholars and community members that explore the themes and context of Studio’s plays.


Like a book club for plays, PostScript is our series of candid and invigorating conversations about the productions in Studio’s Subscription Series.

Studio R&D: Works in Process

Through Studio R&D: Works in Process, we open up the creative process to audience members, so that you can experience new plays in development by Studio-commissioned playwrights and engage in dialogue with the people who create the work we present on stage.