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Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven smashes the conventions of Asian-stereotypes to bits and tosses them up like confetti. Young Jean Lee, one of the hottest downtown New York playwrights, ​turns the Asian-identity play on its head when a coterie of Korean American women explore what it means to be Asian in a white-dominated society. Music, Korean tradition, romance and violence flood the stage. The result is a Tarantino-esque collage of monologues, dances and scenes that is as sharp as it is hilarious. 

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The Artists


Jiehae Park
Korean AmericanJiehae Park
Sue Jin Song
Korean 2Sue Jin Song
Rachel Holt
White Person 1Rachel Holt
Brandon McCoy
White Person 2Brandon McCoy

Production Team

Joyce Liao
LightingJoyce Liao
Elisheba Ittoop
Sound/Original MusicElisheba Ittoop
Laree Lentz
CostumesLaree Lentz
Joe Isenberg
Fight/Dance ChoreographyJoe Isenberg