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Skin Tight
by Gary Henderson
A husband and wife relive the torrid fervor of their marriage in this physically intense, erotically charged duet from one of New Zealand’s premier playwrights. 

2-2 Tango
by Daniel MacIvor 
Witty and kinetic, this sweet and stylish play explores the universal obstacle course of love, from pickup to hookup to boredom, breakup, or bliss. A revival of one of 2ndStage’s first hits from one of Canada’s most well-known and innovative playwrights. 

2ndStage is Studio’s playground for emerging artists, offering innovative and thrillingly eclectic programming with shorter rehearsal periods and smaller budgets than our other productions, with a spirit of exuberance and experiment.


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The Artists


Jens Rasmussen
Tom (Skin Tight)Jens Rasmussen
Emily K. Townley
Elizabeth (Skin Tight)Emily K. Townley
Alex Mills
James (2-2 Tango)Alex Mills
Jon Hudson Odom
Jim (2-2 Tango)Jon Hudson Odom

Production Team

Gary Henderson
Playwright (Skin Tight)Gary Henderson
Daniel MacIvor
Playwright (2-2 Tango)Daniel MacIvor
Johanna Gruenhut
Director (Skin Tight)Johanna Gruenhut
Eric Ruffin
Director (2-2 Tango)Eric Ruffin
Nancy Bannon
ChoreographerNancy Bannon
JD Madsen
Scenic DesignerJD Madsen
Jedidiah Roe
Lighting DesignerJedidiah Roe
James Bigbee Garver
Sound DesignerJames Bigbee Garver
Kelsey Hunt
Costume Designer (Skin Tight)Kelsey Hunt
Rebecca DeLapp
Costume Designer (2-2 Tango)Rebecca DeLapp