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Kitch and Moses seem stuck on their street corner, but it don’t matter. They joke, dream, and throw down about the promised land they’re heading to just as soon as they get up off the block—what they’ll eat, who they’ll see, whether today’s the day they’ll pass over. Allegorical and immediate, humorous and chilling, Nwandu’s collision of the Exodus saga and Waiting for Godot probes the forces that have marooned these young Black men, and the power and limitations of their personal resilience.


Searing, daring, blazingly theatrical, and thrillingly tense.

The New York Times (Best Plays of 2018)

The Artists


Production Team

Debra Booth
Set DesignerDebra Booth
Keith Parham
Lighting DesignerKeith Parham
Brandee Mathies
Costume DesignerBrandee Mathies
Megumi Katayama
Sound DesignerMegumi Katayama
Autumn J. Mitchell
Stage ManagerAutumn J. Mitchell
Deb Thomas
Properties DesignerDeb Thomas
Tony Thomas
MovementTony Thomas