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As the statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes was dismantled at the University of Cape Town, seven students wrote The Fall, charting their experiences as activists who brought down a statue and then grappled with decolonizing what was left standing in its wake: the legacies of race, class, gender, history, and power 24 years after the official end of Apartheid.  Political and deeply personal, vibrating with song, dance, and the energy of youth, The Fall comes to DC with the urgency of history being told as it’s created, resonating with America's debates about falling monuments, rising tuition, and “appropriate” ways to fight for long-promised equality. 


“A funny, humane piece…rooted in a passion, bravery, and determination that will have you on your feet and clapping until your hands hurt.” 

Time Out London

“The story is explosive but the storytelling itself is dynamite, as a seven-strong ensemble…talk, sing, chant, dance and stomp their way through 80 pulsating minutes of anger and sadness.” 

The Evening Standard

"A blast of passion... These young people... Telling us their truths, crying for their future. I loved it" 

The London Times

“Unflinchingly honest and unapologetically proud.” 

The Upcoming

“Powerfully driven… A truly ensemble production which has both teeth and heart. And one which stands for student revolt around the world and down the ages.” 

The Stage


Baxter Theatre Company Trailer for THE FALLBaxter Theatre Company Trailer for THE FALL