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Dorian Belle is a big deal. He’s a Canadian pop sweetheart, and he’s ready to be taken seriously. So his people hire his favorite hip-hop artists—Black and Alexand, the ‘bad boy’ rappers of Petty Young Goons—to help him toughen up his image. They’re black, he’s white. They’re from Chicago, he’s from Canada. It’s all on reality TV. What could go wrong? Inspired by Shaw’s Pygmalion, this world premiere is a blistering and entertaining look at cultural and racial appropriation in a fictionalized exchange of ideologies, vernacular, and alleged street cred.  


[Chisholm’s writing] is bold, brave and very, very funny.

The Guardian (about Br’er Cotton)

Chisholm’s writing is astute about current battles around race, identity and the thunderous burden of history.

Evening Standard [about Br’er Cotton]

The Artists


Seth Hill
Blacky BlackersonSeth Hill
Gary L. Perkins III
Alexand Da GreatGary L. Perkins III
Simon Kiser
Dorian BelleSimon Kiser

Production Team

Tearrance Arvelle Chisholm
Playwright and DirectorTearrance Arvelle Chisholm
Richard Ouellette
Scenic DesignerRichard Ouellette
Jesse Belsky
Lighting DesignerJesse Belsky
Danielle Preston
Costume DesignerDanielle Preston
Gabriel Clausen
Sound Designer/ComposerGabriel Clausen
Kelly Colburn
Projections DesignerKelly Colburn
Tony Thomas
Movement CoachTony Thomas
Becky Reed
Production Stage ManagerBecky Reed