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Representative Sydney Millsap rode a Blue Wave into DC. She arrives armed with her ideals and sense of duty, and refuses to play by the rules of special interests—or her own party. Kate’s a lobbyist who backs winners. So when she crosses paths with Representative Millsap, she dismisses her as a one-term neophyte…but ends up hearing a call to conscience she thought she’d left outside of the Beltway. A lacerating comedy about money, power, and what democracy actually looks like by Alexandria native Sarah Burgess. 


“A tautly intelligent drama…nuanced and accomplished.” 

The Washington Post

“A taut, smart, queasily of-the-moment dissection of the cozy relationship between lobbyists and lawmakers” 


“A timeless exploration of timely political issues." 

Entertainment Weekly

The Artists


Elliott Bales
Sen. John McDowellElliott Bales

Production Team

Marti Lyons
DirectorMarti Lyons
Sarah Burgess
PlaywrightSarah Burgess