Headlines from The Washington Post

Act One: July 21, 2000

Headlines from The Washington Post the week of July 24, 2000

Stephen King bucks publisher: Direct-to-web novel a $1 bet on books’ future

Dulles to undergo major expansion: Plan includes subway, more parking

House acts to boost retirement tax breaks

Mideast peace summit ends with no deal: Impasse over Jerusalem proves pivotal

GOP platform remakes agenda: Draft document takes moderate tack

Act Two: February 18, 2001

Headlines from The Washington Post the week of February 15, 2001

Barak set to join Sharon’s coalition: Ousted leader may take Defense Minster position

Indicators show DC homelessness getting worse

Palestinian official assassinated in Israeli attack; clashes intensify

Deadly new quake hits Salvador: Scores are killed

More Iraqi oil evading sanctions: Analysts cite reopened pipeline in Syria; Powell to raise issue

Tax cut votes still lacking, Bush told: GOP’S Chafee joins foes; Democrats offer a smaller plan

Immigration on Mexican agenda: Bush and Fox to discuss change in treatment of illegal workers