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Jessie is a corporate lawyer in a Manhattan firm. Lina is a community-college dropout and born-and-bred Long Islander. They don’t seem to have anything in common, but marooned at home with infants, they strike up a fast friendship. In the yard between their houses—as far as their baby monitors will reach—they bond over sleep deprivation, unreliable childcare, and “having it all.” A candid comedy about who gets to make which hard choices in the tinderbox of parenthood and class in the United States. 


A funny story that weaves together very different but highly meaningful stories from three new mothers. Whip smart. 

USA Today

Tender, revealing and incisive.

WFPL Louisville

It’s not only empathetic and enjoyable writing, it all rings utterly true. Best show in town. 

Chicago Tribune

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Production Team

Heather Gilbert
Lighting DesignerHeather Gilbert
Kathleen Geldard
Costume DesignerKathleen Geldard
Sarah O'Halloran
Sound DesignerSarah O'Halloran
Lauren Pekel
Stage ManagerLauren Pekel