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Faye has spent her career at one of the last auto-stamping plants in Detroit. Shanita is pregnant, Dez has a whole future to plan, and their manager Reggie owes a nearly unpayable debt to his work family. As rumors spread of a plant shutdown, these tight-knit workers face what they’re willing to sacrifice to survive. A timely and searing portrait of livelihoods under siege from Detroit native Morisseau.


A deeply moral and deeply American play.

The New York Times


Production Photos
Skeleton Crew TrailerSkeleton Crew Trailer
A Conversation with Patricia McGregor and Caroline ClayA Conversation with Patricia McGregor and Caroline Clay

The Artists


Production Team

Tim Brown
Scenic DesignerTim Brown
Nancy Schertler
Lighting DesignerNancy Schertler
Marci Rodgers
Costume DesignerMarci Rodgers
Everett Elton Bradman
Sound Designer / ComposerEverett Elton Bradman
John Keith Hall
Production Stage ManagerJohn Keith Hall
Manna-Symone Middlebrooks
Assistant DirectorManna-Symone Middlebrooks