About Straight White Men

Ed and his three adult sons gather for Christmas. Jake is a successful banker, Drew an award-winning author and professor, but the elephant in the room is the eldest, Matt. The genius big brother with the fierce social ideals is now living at home with Ed, working a temp job, and at a standstill in his life—and most frustratingly to his brothers and father, he doesn’t seem interested in doing anything to change it.

The evening unfolds as family holidays do, replete with a fake Christmas tree, eggnog, rough-housing, and takeout Chinese, until Matt unexpectedly bursts into tears. Jake and Drew just can’t sit comfortably with it: What’s wrong? What can they do? Why can’t their brother man up and fix himself? As Jake, Drew, and Ed try to “solve” Matt, they end up wrestling with the biggest elephant looming over them all: how to navigate the privilege they’ve been granted as straight white men.