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Friday, June 3, 2016
6:30 PM - Pre-show drinks at Studio Theatre
8:00 PM - Hedda Gabler in the Mead Theatre
10:30 PM - Pool Party at the Penthouse Pool Club (VIDA U Street)

The flagship event of the Friends With Benefits social calendar is getting a reboot this year, just like Ibsen's classic play. This year's event features Mark O'Rowe's seductive adaptation of Hedda Gabler, directed by Studio's Associate Artistic Director and Honorary Friends With Benefits Member Matt Torney. Don't miss this drama-filled evening featuring pre-show drinks with DC's coolest arts-loving young professionals, a performance of Hedda Gabler, and exclusive access to VIDA Fitness U Street's rooftop pool for the all-night afterparty.


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About the play

Hedda Tesman returns from her honeymoon to the brutal banality of domestic life: an antagonizingly bland husband; a living room full of dying flowers; and a house that is too large, too cluttered, too bourgeois for the once unstoppable Hedda Gabler. Both tormented and merciless, she is caught between her appetite for sensation and acute awareness of  public perception. Mark O’Rowe’s stunning contemporary adaptation is a mesmerizing study of power, control, and self-deception and a nuanced portrait of one of the most fascinating figures in modern drama.


While I wasn’t a theater geek in high school, that’s definitely who I like to party with as an adult. Their parties have gotten a lot cooler with age.

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