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Business Apprentice 2013-2014

“Studio's apprenticeship program provides valuable, hands on experience in a fast paced environment. Working as the business apprentice, I was given the chance to learn the ins and outs of the business side of a nonprofit professional theatre- working daily with departments across the theatre, participating in important budget meetings, and playing a valued role in the department. Not only was the experience critical for starting my professional career, it also provided an incredible sense of community, allowing me to transition as a recent college graduate into the post-grad world, surrounded by peers who were simultaneously seeking a start in the field of professional theatre. The apprenticeship was an equally challenging and rewarding starting point for me, and I'm grateful to have walked away from the apprenticeship both with a job and a community of apprentice alums, many of whom are and will continue to be dear friends.”

Chelsey Christensen

Development Apprentice 2008-2009

“I was the 2008-2009 Development apprentice at The Studio Theatre.  I am now the Membership Gifts Associate at Washington Performing Arts Society in downtown DC.  I love the DC area and wanted to continue to be involved in the arts nonprofit community after my apprenticeship, and I am doing exactly that! I am certain that I would not have my current job if it weren't for my apprenticeship experience.  During my apprenticeship I assisted in every aspect of the Development Department and I was given responsibilities that surpass those of many other internship/apprenticeship opportunities. The well-rounded experience and the knowledge I gained prepared me for my current full-time development position.  I had an invaluable experience while also making friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.”

Melissa Hinojosa

Carpentry Apprentice 2008-2009

“As the 2008-2009 Carpentry apprentice, I worked alongside some of the most talented and passionate people in the industry. The hard work and dedication exhibited by Studio's staff members was unrivaled. I absolutely loved working in the shop! As an apprentice, I really enjoyed the production meetings. It was a chance to see the process of a production start out as an idea or a drawing, and evolve into a full scale performance on stage. The Apprentice Program not only helped me refine my skills as a carpenter but helped me grow as a person. Making the transition from a college student to a young professional can be a daunting task. I can honestly say that the friendships and experience I gained from the program will be with me for the rest of my life. Thanks to Studio, I am proud to be part of an industry where sawdust in your pocket is an everyday thing and 'it's not worth doing unless you get dirt, grease or splinters under your fingernails.'”

Jennifer Harris

Production/ Company Management Apprentice 2009-2010

"I entered The Studio Theatre Apprentice Program after finishing my Master’s Degree at New York University in Artistic Direction and Production. While the knowledge I gained from my studies was (and always will be) completely invaluable, I knew I needed the hands on experience of working with an established institution to really grasp what it meant to run a successful theatre organization. My time as the Company Management Apprentice was like nothing I could have ever imagined. I was not only a member of a production team that produced 10 shows over the course of the season, but I was also involved in the largest leadership transition The Studio Theatre has seen. Witnessing such a turning point in this institution was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career as of yet. But beyond the skills I learned, the people were by far the best part of the job. The Directors and Designers are some of the most talented people I have ever met, the staff members are some of the most dedicated individuals I know, and my fellow apprentices, my colleagues, are some of my closest friends."         

Tony Villa

Facilities Management Apprentice 2010-2011

"What a fantastic experience...the skills I acquired from my mentors have stayed with me personally and professionally, but even more, I have developed an intimate understanding and respect for the professional working theatre. The Apprentice Program is one of the best I've encountered in the country. Thank you!"

Alicia Sells

Stage Management Apprentice 2011-2012

“Being able to work hands-on in my chosen field with substantial responsibility is an opportunity not often afforded to recent college graduates.  As the Stage Management apprentice, I worked with some of the most influential artists in the DC theatre scene and played a significant role in the creation of some superb productions.  In addition to immersing me into the world of professional production, Studio provided me with insight on how a professional theatre runs administratively.   Giving me the foundation on which to build my freelance stage management career in DC, I found my experience invaluable and I have in just two years worked on over 20 professional productions in the area.”

Sandy Bass

Communications Apprentice 2012-2013

“After graduating from Virginia Tech the spring of 2012, I searched for an opportunity to apply both of my degrees in Marketing Management and Theatre Arts. The Studio Theatre's Apprentice Program offered just that. Being placed in the fast-paced Marketing and Communications Department, I had the chance to both expand and strengthen my skill set by working on multiple projects in various capacities. Studio taught me the importance of working hard, being positive, and valuing those around me, and it was an experience that I value as the starting point of my professional career.”

Chris Mirto

Artistic Apprentice 2012-2013

"The Artistic Apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to work in a major regional theatre. Working alongside the Literary Director and Artistic Director gave me invaluable insight into audience engagement, season planning, running an education program, interacting with community partners and board members, among many other things. Being a part of each production was a great way to collaborate with other directors, as well as designers and actors. Leaving Studio Theatre, I felt more equipped to engage in meaningful conversations with other theatre artists and have a much clearer understanding of what it means to run an organization."

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