2018-2019 Workshops


Workshop Description Date Time Cost
Stage Combat Use hand-to-hand combat to portray the illusion of fighting. Using basic weapons, emphasis is on enhancing physical skill and confidence with a safe and realistic technique.  Apr 6&7 1:00 - 5:00pm $150



Workshop Description Date Time Cost
Alexander Technique Learn to recognize and relinquish unwanted patterns of thought, movement, and behavior to become more creative, spontaneous, and expressive. An introduction to the technique. Jul 13&14 1:00 - 5:00pm $150


Workshop Description Date Time Cost
Musical Theatre Meld the worlds of music and theatre. Examine and explore the acting and singing of a song. Emphasis on singing and performance techniques as well as relaxing and opening the voice.  Jul 27&28 1:00 - 5:00pm $150



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Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory workshops are a way to explore new skills and introduce yourself to the Conservatory.

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