Two-day master classes

Actor’s Process Workshop

Team-taught by Diggs, Eliot, Burke Pitt
Includes voice, body, and acting exercises in one workshop for beginners. An introduction to acting.

Alexander Technique Workshop

Instructor: Bradley
Learn to recognize and relinquish unwanted patterns of thought, movement, and behavior to become more creative, spontaneous, and expressive. An introduction to the technique.

Auditioning Workshop

Instructors: Debelack
Feedback and coaching on both monologues and cold reading skills, and a professional review of headshots and resumes.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Instructor: Fulginiti-Shakar
Meld the worlds of music and theatre. Examine and explore the acting and singing of a song. Emphasis on singing and performance techniques, as well as relaxing and opening the voice.

Singer’s Process Workshop

Instructor: Fulginiti-Shakar
Techniques to relax the body and expand the breath, explore the process of making sound, singing on pitch, discovering and releasing the emotion of a song, and learning to sing with a piano.

Stage Combat Workshop

Instructor: Hunter
Use hand-to-hand combat to portray the illusion of fighting. Using basic weapons, emphasis is on enhancing physical skill and confidence with a safe and realistic technique.

voice for the professional

Instructor: Campion
Expand vocal potential through relaxation and self-awareness techniques. Strengthen presentation skills, vocal variety, and audibility. Address individual vocal challenges and develop strategies for coping with stage fright. Tailored for the business professional.

Fall 2016

Workshops Dates SAT SUN Tuition
Singer's Process Oct 29 & 30 2-6pm 2-6pm $150
Auditioning Nov 19 & 20 1-5pm 1-5pm $150


SpRING 2017

Workshops Dates SAT SUN Tuition
Stage Combat Mar 25 & 26 1-5pm 1-5pm $150
Voice for the Professional Apr 29 & 30 1-5pm 1-5pm $150



Workshops Dates Sat Sun Tuition
Alexander Technique Jul 15 & 16 1-5pm 1-5pm $150
Musical Theatre Jul 29 & 30 1-5pm 1-5pm $150


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