Interviews with Acting Students

This fall, Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory welcomed over 200 students into classes and workshops. Over a hundred of these students are new to the Conservatory, and many are new to the study of acting.  We checked in with two of our new students, Mariam and Sophie, to find out what the experience has been like so far.  


What is it like to finally begin your acting training?

Mariam: It’s like renewing my life, expanding my horizons, and adding to my career options. Most importantly, I have found a new, creative venue where I am meeting people who have the same respect and passion that I have for acting.

Sophie:  I am enjoying the start of my acting training, and I feel very satisfied. The staff of the Theatre and my teacher, Colette, has been very welcoming and professional. My class has already bonded, and we have become very friendly. I like the diversity of the students: young/old, men/women, from different walks of life but who take pleasure in the craft of acting.


Why did you decide to study here?

Mariam: A friend, who was a student here, referred me.

Sophie:  I chose Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory without a personal recommendation. I’m new to DC, so I found the program through a search on the Internet. And, from my very first contact with the Conservatory, I was very pleased with my experience.  


What would you say is the one thing you learned so far that was an eye opener (in terms of acting)?

Mariam: Acting is not just an art; it’s an opportunity to venture out of oneself and to explore different facets within oneself.

Sophie: So far, I would say that I have learned to integrate my whole body into my acting.


What advice would you offer someone who is thinking of studying acting?

Mariam: Acting gives you as much as you give it.

Sophie: Take the Actor's Process class!

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