Giving the Gift of Creativity

Some discerning gift-givers have recognized the need for loved ones to experience theatre in a different way. Every so often, we meet new students who were given this enriching gift.  We spoke with several of our students who were recipients of an Acting class at Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory.

Cara, who has completed the Acting curriculum, had this to share with us:  “I drove by Studio frequently and saw its bright lights and its pictures of actors in the window and wanted so much to be part of it, but I never was bold enough to follow through. But then in the fall of 2009, someone gave me a class at  Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory.  It changed my life. I blossomed at Studio Theatre and found the talent I always knew I had, thanks to the teachers and classes. Thanks to that gift, I'm now fulfilling my dream of acting on the stage. I'm a more confident person who's no longer afraid to make bold decisions. I will forever be grateful for such an amazing gift.”

Emily, who is excited to take the Shakespeare I class next, told us that "Every year at Christmas my parents like to get me a ticket to see a show I'm dying to see--one year it was Spamalot on Broadway, another it was Twelfth Night at Shakespeare Theatre---but last year the "ticket" I received Christmas morning came from Studio Theatre. And it wasn't for a show at all: it was a gift certificate for a semester of class at Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory. I was floored. I had taken my first semester of classes at Studio in the fall of 2012 and was eager to continue my studies but unsure of where I would find the funds to register. My parents' generous gift made it possible for me to keep going to class. I registered for Character and Emotion in the spring of 2013, and my second semester was even better than the first. I was really able to open up and come out of my shell in Character and Emotion, and by the time we presented our final scenes in June, I felt like I had really made some major strides in my acting. Even after five months of class, I was still enjoying and very grateful for the gift I had received at Christmas-time. Thanks Mom and Dad!” She further added, “I am looking forward to coming back to class in 2014!”

Victor, who has been taking classes since 2011, had this to say: “In a lot of ways I’ve had a very ‘Washingtonian’ career:  Capitol Hill, party politics, administration positions, non-profit work, and consulting.  However, through it all I always felt as if I were missing something-a sense of creative expression.  In 2010, after complaining to my partner for the millionth time that I needed something more ‘creative’ in my life, he asked me what I could DO about it.  Absentmindedly, I mentioned taking an acting class at Studio Theatre.  Well, that Christmas, under the tree was a thin envelope containing a receipt for a class at Studio Theatre’s Acting Conservatory. I was taken aback!  It was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever given me.  That year my partner gave me the gift of creative expression giving me the opportunity in my late thirties-to reimagine myself and challenge myself in new and unimaginable ways.

That January, I began classes.  Four years later I have been in over 20 productions in television, stage, and film, and I have left my career to become a full time actor!  I am, today, living my dream of working in the arts and of performing for the stage as an actor.  And it all began with the simple gift of a class at Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory. To be sure, leaving behind a successful career to become a professional actor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but receiving the gift of love and creative outlet, well, that is something that many of us do wish for. Thank you, Bill, for giving me that gift. It, and you, have changed my life for the better.”

It is very gratifying to Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory to hear these stories about how receiving the gift of acting classes profoundly affected these students. These students made discoveries about themselves and their lives they might not have made without the generosity of those who saw the need and the desire to be creative and offered a way to make it happen. Happy Holidays!

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