Spotlight on classics classes

The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory’s three-year curriculum progresses from the study of Realism to the styles of classical acting with the Shakespeare I class and the Greek Tragedy class.

From Ken, a Shakespeare student:

What is it like studying at The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory? 

‘Studio offers challenging and enlightening courses that have helped me build an excellent foundation as an actor. The teachers and curriculum are first rate. I’ve learned a great deal. The course work is rigorous and intellectually and emotionally rewarding.’

Why did you decide to study here?

‘This is my third year. I decided on Studio after an Internet search. I liked the course work that was offered. Also, I was quite impressed that the Conservatory has been training actors for more than 20 years.’

What can you say about the teachers here?

‘The teachers are first rate, both in the classroom setting and with individual work. They are engaging, and in my experience, help each student find the elements they need to improve and the strengths necessary for further growth. My experience has been very positive, but they also don’t pull any punches and that’s critical for creating sessions and specific lessons that allow the students to grow.’

How has studying here helped in networking with and/or learning about the acting community?

‘I can’t respond to this because I haven’t taken advantage of any networking opportunities. I was given the chance to perform a walk on in a 2ndStage production but had to decline—which had more to do with my home life and other interests.’

Can you share a class room experience that was positive and made a big difference in your training?

‘Creating honest emotion in a character is hard. I’ve read one point of view that held an actor should use the given circumstances and create an emotional response. Another approach is to take a moment or significant event in your life and use the associated emotions to convey meaning. I worked with Serge on a final scene as Willy Loman. At a key point, late in the course, he quietly and efficiently drew an emotional response from my life that had been very painful. He avoided any discussion of the memory but guided me to use it and share it openly and honestly. It was a major step for me as an actor.’


Regina, one of the students from the Greek Tragedy class, also weighed in with her thoughts about her time at the Conservatory:

‘My time at Studio Theatre has been nothing less than amazing. I'm kind of speechless and don't know where to begin... When I found The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory, I was looking for somewhere I could grow, learn, and multiply my value as an actress. I am getting all of that here. As soon as you walk into the building you feel the uniqueness. As soon as you walk into the Acting Conservatory, you feel good energy. The very first class I took, Actor's Process (with Sandra Kamman), filled me up with a lot of education, skill, and helpful tips that will stick with me for life. I knew that was just the beginning. Studio Theatre is the place to act foolish, to mess up, to laugh, to be great. This is the place where great things are birthed and rehearsed. For me, this is home.  No one will ever be able to say anything bad about Studio Theatre to me.  It's my mama!’

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