spotlight on the 40th anniversary

april 2015

In 1975, Joy Zinoman began offering classes and the Acting Conservatory was born. 40 years and thousands of students later, the Conservatory is still going strong and still standing firm in its mission to offer serious training in the craft of acting.  We sat down to talk with Joy about her journey over the 40 years. 


spotlight On auditions

March 2015

Online registration for the 2015 Summer Young Actors Intensive is open and auditions are June 15, 2015!  Auditions!!?  No need to panic, we chatted with two of our students, a new student and an old student, about the summer auditioning experience, and this is what they told us:



Spotlight: A New Class

February 2015

This fall, for the first time in many years, Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory offered a new scene study class focusing on the playwrights Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Edward Albee and David Mamet.  Written and taught by Joy Zinoman, this class recently completed its culminating public showing on January 26 and we took the opportunity to get some reflections from the students in the class.  


Spotlight: From the Classroom to the Stage

Conservatory Students in Studio Theatre Productions

January 2015

It always gives the Acting Conservatory faculty a sense of accomplishment when a student moves on to the actual stage.  Silas Gordon Brigham progressed from the classroom to understudy in Studio Theatre's production of The Real Thing, and recently played Alex in the Studio Lab production, The Wolfe Twins.  Read our chat with him about his experiences. 




December 2014

One of the primary goals of the Conservatory is to prepare students to work in the professional theatre.  This month we sat down with Emily Kester and Shravan Amin.  These students were actors in last season’s 2ndStage production of Edgar and Annabel directed by Holly Twyford who completed the most recent Directing class in Fall 2013. We discussed the transition from student to professional actor.  


Spotlight: From the classroom to the stage

Conservatory Students who've understudied in Studio Theatre Productions

November 2014

Each season, selected students from the Acting Conservatory are invited to be understudies on productions at Studio Theatre, logging in many hours and learning important aspects of how professional theatre works.  We spoke with two students who recently understudied to get their perspective. 


spotlight on auditioning classes and workshops

October 2014

Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory offers both a 15 week Auditioning class and a two-day Weekend Auditioning Workshop. We spoke with one of the teachers, Kate Debelack about the class and the workshop. 


Spotlight on classics classes

september 2014

The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory’s three-year curriculum progresses from the study of Realism to the styles of Classical acting, starting with the Shakespeare I class and progressing to the Greek class. We sat down with Lilian, who completed the Shakespeare class last spring and is in Greek this fall. 


A New acting class

We interviewed Director of Curriculum, Joy Zinoman on the NEW acting class: Beckett, Pinter, Albee and Mamet. This class will be introduced this fall and is open to Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory students who have completed Comedy, as well as professionals who are members of AEA. Space is limited and in high demand.


Spotlight on Young actors

April 2014

Since 1986, Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory has offered a fun-filled, but rigorous, summer acting program for teens ages 12-17. The curriculum provides disciplined, process-oriented training for young actors with or without prior experience or training. In this interview, Director of Education, Roma Rogers, gives insight to the program.


Viewpoints with Meade Andrews

February 2014

This April, master teacher Meade Andrews will return to Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory to teach a weekend workshop on Viewpoints.  Over the course of 21 years at the Conservatory, Ms. Andrews taught Movement, Alexander Technique, and Improvisation as well as being the creator and teacher of the Actor’s Process curriculum.  



Conversation with Directing students

January 2014

The Directing class, taught by Studio’s retired Founding Artistic Director Joy Zinoman, is only offered every two years.  The demand for a space in this class is high, and so are the demands for each accepted student. We spoke with three of the students, Tom, Elena, and Solomon, about their experience.



spotlight on classics classes

December 2013

The Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory’s three-year curriculum progresses from the study of Realism to the styles of classical acting with the Shakespeare I class and the Greek Tragedy class.



Giving the Gift of Creativity

November, 2013

Some discerning gift-givers have recognized the need for loved ones to experience theatre in a different way. Every so often, we meet new students who were given this enriching gift.  We spoke with several of our students who were recipients of an Acting class at Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory.



Interviews with acting students

October 2013

This fall, Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory welcomed over 200 students into classes and workshops. Over a hundred of these students are new to the Conservatory, and many are new to the study of acting. We checked in with two of our new students, Mariam and Sophie, to find out what the experience has been like so far.



Spotlight on Young Actors Auditions

September 2013

Three times a year, at the start of each semester, auditions are held for the Young Actors Ensemble. This fall, we welcomed more than 30 students ranging in age from 12 to 17 to our September 14th auditions. We spoke with Young Actors’ faculty members about the auditions.



Directing with Joy Zinoman

August 2013

Master Teacher Joy Zinoman is back at Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory this fall to teach her highly competitive Directing class. In this interview, Joy reflects on the origin of the class and its evolution and shares some insights on the craft of directing.



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