At the end of each semester, every core acting class culminates in a showing of the students' work. Unless otherwise indicated, all Final Scenes are open to the public. Space is limited.

Class Instructor Date Time
Musical Theatre Hamlin Monday, April 30 6:45 pm
Principles of Realism (Wed) Debelack Friday, May 25 7:45 pm
Principles of Realism (Tues) Wells Sunday, May 27 7:45 pm
Principles of Realism (Mon) Nichols Monday, May 28 7:45 pm
Character and Emotion (Thurs) Paris Tuesday, May 29 7:45 pm
Actor’s Process* Yglesias Silver/Bannon/Garner Wednesday, May 30 7:00 pm
Principles of Realism (Wed) Arthur Thursday, May 31 7:45 pm
Character and Emotion (Tues) Arthur Saturday, June 2 7:45 pm
Shakespeare I (Mon) Burke-Pitt Sunday, June 3 7:45 pm
Shakespeare I (Thurs) Seidan Monday, June 4 7:45 pm
Comedy Paris Tuesday, June 5 7:45 pm
Greek Debelack Wednesday, June 6 7:45 pm


When you arrive, please check-in to be included in the housecount. Latecomers will not be admitted.

*Not open to the public


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