Script Submissions

Studio Theatre is looking for new plays that explore the contemporary world with style, wit, and passion. In general, we respond to plays with well-crafted dialogue and command of dramatic action, whether they are naturalistic or somewhere in “naturalism plus.” Our spaces are intimate—excellent for creating powerful encounters between actors and audiences, but not well-suited to multiple realistic sets. Please take a look at our past programming to get a fuller sense of the range of our producing interests.

We accept submissions from established literary agents or through direct solicitation from our artistic leadership, and program both produced and unproduced plays. We have found that we can best serve writers whose work is a good match for our institution by maintaining relationships with new work development programs, fringe festivals, and educational institutions in the US and abroad rather than accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please note that lawyers and law firms do not qualify as professional representation for our venue, and that we are unable to return or respond to unsolicited submissions.

If you are a DC-area playwright without an agent, we will be glad to read one of your plays. If we are interested in that piece, or reading more of your work, we will contact you within six months of receipt of your play.

Literary agents should address scripts to

Adrien-Alice Hansel, Literary Director