Director of Production

Jeffery Martin

Director of Development

Bianca Beckham

General Manager

Kathryn Huey

Director of Marketing and Communications

Hilary Judis


Associate Artistic Director

Danilo Gambini

Literary Director

Adrien-Alice Hansel

Studio Cabinet

Brian Macdevitt

Duncan Macmillan

Natsu Onoda Power

Joanie Schultz

Serge Seiden

Tom Story

Holly Twyford

Commissioned Artists

Lileana Blain-Cruz

Carl Cofield

Sarah DeLappe

James Fritz

Jackson Gay

James Ijames

Kate Mulvaney

Lila Neugebauer

Eric Ruffin

Anne Washburn

Erika Dickerson-Despenza

David Cale

Ike Holter

Kimberly Belflower

Liliana Padilla

Marti Lyons

Brittany K. Allen

Staceyann Chin

Steph Paul


Assistant Production Manager

Madison Bahr

Senior Facilities Manager

Kieran Kelly

Costume Shop Manager

Brandee Mathies

Technical Director

Christopher McDonnell

Lighting and Sound Supervisor

Christion Jones

Shop Supervisor

Rhi Sanders

Rentals and Events Manager

Clarice Berardinelli

Sound and Projections Apprentice

Sarah Velkovich

Stage Management Apprentice

Delaney Dunster

Stage Management Apprentice

Phoebe Sweatman

Electrics Apprentice

Indigo Garcia


Development Operations Manager

Tobias Franzén

Institutional Giving Manager

Sarah Cooke

Membership Coordinator

Katie Fleet

General Management

Business Director

Amanda Acker

Company Manager

Lindsey Madsen

Management Associate

Carmen Pierce

Marketing and Communications

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Rebecca Fischler

Marketing Insights Manager

Gabby Wolfe

Digital Marketing Associate

Avi Littky

Audiences Services

Audience Services Director

Shane Oliver

Box Office Supervisor

Jeff Klein