The Mission and values of Studio Theatre

Mission Statement

Studio Theatre produces exceptional contemporary theatre in deliberately intimate spaces, fostering a more thoughtful, more empathetic, and more connected community, in Washington DC and beyond.


core values


In constant pursuit of artistic excellence, we go about our work, onstage and off, with exceptional rigor, craftsmanship, and attention to design.


True to Studio’s roots as an acting conservatory, we encourage learning across the organization, promoting curiosity, engagement, and dialogue.


Embracing the differences that enrich our society and our art, we work to cultivate a diverse audience, workforce, and repertoire.


Inspired by the culture of the rehearsal hall, we foster a supportive workplace in which people collaborate with generosity and trust, challenge each other respectfully, and hold one another accountable for excellence.


We use the resources entrusted to us responsibly, sustaining the company’s dual legacies of entrepreneurship and fiscal responsibility.


Believing that theatre at its best involves a fearless interrogation of the human experience, we take chances, question the status quo, and infuse our work with a sense of adventure.


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Studio Theatre

1501 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

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