student matinee program

Studio In Play: The Student Matinee Program encourages teachers to bring their students to the theatre for an extraordinary theatre experience which includes reduced price or free theatre tickets, in-class workshops, post-show discussions, and study guide materials.


The mission of the In Play Program is:

  • To provide students with the experience of live, intimate, contemporary theatre.
  • To enrich students' experience and extend their learning by offering support materials and interactions.
  • To encourage students to make connections between the play's events and characters and their own lives and experiences.
  • To foster an understanding and an appreciation for theatre as an art form.
  • To encourage students to develop a sense of agency and ownership in the practice of theatregoing.

Studio In Play: The Student Matinee Program offers a broad and integrated curriculum that connects students with the artists’ process of creating the work they will view and incorporates national education standards into our study guides and in-class workshops. These innovations provide a more comprehensive experience for teachers and students, and help integrate the work on Studio’s stages with proven pedagogical outcomes.

The Studio In Play Package

  • Tickets: Two complimentary preview tickets for the teacher or principal as well as free or reduced price tickets for students and teachers/chaperones for the Student Matinee
  • In Play Study Guide: An in-depth set of essays on each production and its themes that offer social, historical, and artistic context and suggested classroom activities for teachers that foster connections between the curriculum and the performance. 
  • In-Class Workshop: An interactive workshop with teaching artists from Studio Theatre designed to offer entry points to the work they will see on stage, as well as support the students' knowledge and understanding of the play they will see. 
  • Post-Show Conversation: Following each matinee, a Studio Theatre teaching artist moderates a talk-back with the cast, allowing students to ask questions about the play, the production, and the actor's’ process.


frequently asked questions

Who may participate in 'In Play?'

Teachers of grades 9-12 in all content areas. For more information about the content of specific shows, please call Aurelia Clunie at 202.232.7267 ext. 510 or

How do I become a part of 'In Play?'

DC Public Schools and DC Charter Schools, please click here.
All other schools, please contact

What does the Studio In Play Program include?

Teacher Preview Tickets: Two tickets to a preview performance of the play, so teachers may become more familiar with the work before bringing their students.

In Play Study Guide: An in-depth set of essays on the play, the playwright, and themes of the play. 

In-Class Workshop: An interactive workshop with teaching artists from Studio Theatre.

The Performance: Free tickets to a special student matinee performance for DC Public and Charter Schools and discounted tickets for area private schools.

Post-Show Conversation: An opportunity for students to ask actors any questions about their lives as actors and the production itself.

Who qualifies for the discounted/free tickets?

All DC public and charter schools are eligible to receive free tickets to any of the productions in Studio’s student matinee series. For free tickets, DC public and charter schools should register through the Arts and Humanities for Every Student lottery found here. All other area students are eligible for deeply discounted tickets ($20 each).

What are the in-class visits/workshops?

Studio Theatre teaching artists lead an interactive workshop designed to offer students entry points to topics and themes explored in the play, make connections between the play and their lives, and engage with the creation of the performance. Workshops typically last one full class period and teaching artists can do multiple class visits for one school.

What are the In Play RESOURCE GUIDES? How can we access them?

An in-depth set of essays on the play, the playwright, and themes of the play, the resource guide provides historical and artistic context for the play. These provide students with an inside look into how actors, directors, and other theatre artists use research and imagination to create engaging theatrical works. Resource guides include activities for students and teachers to do after seeing the play.

Can I get study guides for past seasons?

Yes! We are happy to give students the opportunity to use our study guides as a resource for their own research into and work on various productions. Please contact

Is the content of your productions appropriate for all ages?

Studio produces plays that reflect the contemporary world and frequently contain adult content. We recommend our Studio In Play program for high school students. If you want more information or have questions about the content of our shows and their appropriateness for young people, please contact We are happy to provide additional information.

What is the Post-Show Conversation?

Designed to promote dialogue between theatre artists and youth, this is a great opportunity for students to ask cast members about their lives as actors and the production itself.

How do I make reservations?

DC Public Schools and DC Charter Schools, please click here

For all other schools requesting discount tickets, please contact

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