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Carrie is lonely. Carrie is angry. Carrie will fit in. Whatever it costs. 

New blood courses through this contemporary rock musical, based on Stephen King’s haunting story of teen angst, religious fervor, and the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter. As Carrie navigates the harsh realities of high school bullying and her overprotective mother, a new and violent power is unleashed inside her—and she’ll use it.

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Welcome to the prom, Carrie. They’re not going to laugh at you now…this infamous rock musical about a telekinetic teen has the strange power to move you.

Time Out New York

Carrie tries to turn ordinary, all-too-familiar high school angst into the stuff of tragedy. The show has guts.



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The Artists


Emily Zickler
Carrie WhiteEmily Zickler
Barbara Walsh
Margaret WhiteBarbara Walsh
Maria Rizzo
Sue SnellMaria Rizzo
Robert Mueller
Tommy RossRobert Mueller
Eben K. Logan
Chris HargensenEben K. Logan
A.J. Melendez
Billy NolanA.J. Melendez
Jamie Eacker
Miss GardnerJamie Eacker
Benjamin Lurye
Mr. Stephens/Reverend BlissBenjamin Lurye

Production Team

Darius Smith
Music DirectorDarius Smith
Michael J. Bobbitt
ChoreographerMichael J. Bobbitt
Luciana Stecconi
Set DesignerLuciana Stecconi
Kelsey Hunt
Costume DesignerKelsey Hunt
Laura J. Eckelman
Lighting DesignerLaura J. Eckelman
Adam W. Johnson
Sound Designer/EngineerAdam W. Johnson
Sarah Tunderman
Projections DesignerSarah Tunderman
Alicia Sells
Stage ManagerAlicia Sells